Covers against loss of or damage to the contents in business premises following theft involving entry to or exit from the insured premises by forcible and violent means.

It also covers damage to the Insured building & contents consequent upon such theft or any attempt threat.

All Risks

Covers against all risks of loss or damage other than those specifically excluded due to any accident or misfortune.


Covers money lost, destroyed or damaged by any cause while in transit or by housebreaking or Burglary from locked safe or strongroom or by hold-up while in premises.

Covers any safe or strongroom destroyed or damaged as a result of housebreaking or Burglary or any attempt thereat.

Fidelity Guarantee

Covers loss of money or stocks resulting from dishonest or fraudulent acts of any of his employee.

Jeweller’s Block

Covers the Insured against all risks of physical loss or damage arising from any causes whatsoever subject to policy terms and conditions :-

– whilst in transit
– whilst in premises

including risks of armed robbery and hold-up.

Civil Engineering Completed Risks

Covers completed civil engineering works e.g. bridges, jetties against all risks of loss or damage other than those that are specifically excluded.

Personal Accident

Provides compensation in the event the insured person suffers bodily injury resulting in death or disablement due solely and directly from an accident caused by violent external and visible means.

Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance

Covers the Insured person whilst being confined in a legally constituted hospital as a result of accidental bodily injury, disease or sickness.

Benefit is based on the actual necessary and reasonable expenses incurred by the Insured person.