Aviation Hull and Liability

Insure against all risks of accidental loss of or damage to the Aircraft including disappearance and or flight risks, pay reasonable emergency expenses consequent upon damage or forced landing.

Insure against the Insured’s Legal Liability for damages due to accidental bodily injury and property damage caused by the Aircraft or any person or object falling there from.

Indemnify the passengers for bodily injury whilst entering, on board, or alighting from the Aircraft including loss or damage to their baggage and personal articles.

Aircrew Loss of License

Pay a specific amount to the Assured in the event he lost his licence or certificate due to bodily injury or illness or classified illness (which shall be the sole or direct cause) during the period of insurance and not beyond a period of 12 months after expiry of the said period.

Hanger Keeper’s liability

Section 1
  • Bodily injury or property damage in and about the premises as a direct result of the services granted.
  • Elsewhere in the course of any work or of the performance of any duties carried out by the Assured and employees in connection with his business. Caused by negligence or any defect in the premises, ways, works, machinery or plant used
Section 2

Loss of or damage to Aircraft not owned, rented or leased by the Assured whilst on the ground, whilst in custody or being serviced, handled or maintained by Assured.

Section 3

Loss or damage arising out of possession, use, consumption or handling of any goods or products manufactured have ceased to be in the possession or under the control of the Assured.