Effective Tips in Writing a Cover Letter for a Job Application

Applying for a job entails an effective cover letter and a well-crafted resume. They are your tools to get your foot into the door of your target company. The cover letter and resume are also usually the reason why some applicants are rejected. Yes, and this is why if you don’t want to end up with the same fate, you should make sure your cover letter and resume will become your assets in getting the job you want.

So, how can you make a cover letter that can aid in getting that job? Here are some tips:

• It should be addressed to a particular person

Don’t just address your cover letter generically. You have to know the person who will evaluate your letter. Yes, this might need additional efforts, but trust me, it is certainly worth it. And when addressing the recipient, don’t use the first name. Instead, use either Ms. or Mr. plus the family name. Your target recipient will surely assume that you are indeed a professional.

• Learn more about the job

In your cover letter, you need to explain to the hiring manager how you can be an asset to them. For you to be more effective, you have to learn more about the job you are applying for. You have to know your duties, what they want or expect from and so on. Of course, it is a given that you should comply with their expectations.

• Dig more about the company

Take time to know more about the company. You need to tailor your cover letter to the said job and to their overall goals. This might not be easy but if you are resourceful, you should be able to do this. You can start digging more about them by checking their site or their social media platforms. At the same time, you can also check their reviews.

What should you include in your cover letter?

1. Name and contact details

This information should be put at the top of the cover letter. There is no need for the postal address, though you need to include the email as well as the contact number. Your email address should look professional. If you don’t have one, you can create a new email with your first and last name. This should make you look like a professional applicant already.

2. The name and contact details of the recipient

Under your name and contact details, you should also put the name and contact details of the person who will receive the letter as well as his position in the company. If by chance you don’t know where to address the letter, feel free to give the company a call and ask to whom you should address your application letter. For sure they will be glad to fill you in.

3. The name of the position you are going for

At the onset of the letter, you need to put the name of the position you are applying for. At employ malaysia , you can also use this in the beginning of the paragraph.

4. Relevant skills

In summary, you should list down your skills that are relevant to the advertised position. You can write it in a short bullet list. If you have to mention your skills and other achievements, you have to provide some proofs. You can’t just put them in words alone as if that is okay, then everyone should be as skilled as you or even more.

5. Why you’re right for the job

Tell them why you are the best candidate for the job. Through a storytelling tone, you can narrate how your past experiences made you realize that this job is just right for you and how you are enthusiastic to be of help to their goals.

6. Ask them to contact you

Your cover letter should conclude by asking them to contact you and that you will be waiting for them. Be nice and thank them as well for giving you this opportunity to be a part of their team.

Indeed, a cover letter and a resume are quite important in applying a job. This is why they should be well written. By checking out the tips above, you should be able to come up with an effective cover letter and a resume.