How to Get a Good Job in Malaysia

If you are looking for a decent job in Malaysia, you come to the right place. Yes, this article will give you some hints on how to ensure you gate a good paying job in this country. Are you an Expat? If you are new to this place, the more that you need help for sure. After all, you need to first get oriented with everything fast so you and your family can settle the soonest.
Living in Malaysia is cheap. This is why you will find tat this country is always swarmed with foreigners. It is just a good thing that most business owners here also hire expats and they will even sponsor a working pass which can save both parties time.

How can you land a decent paying job in Malaysia, here are some tips:

1) Identify your unique selling points

The thing when you are applying for a job is you will be in a silent competition. Yes, as places like Malaysia has a lot of job seekers. Thus, before passing your resume, you should make sure it is updated. Point out the benefits the company will get if they choose you. At the same time, point out as well your great contributions to your previous company. There should be something in you that they can’t find with the other applicants.

2) You are also screening them

Don’t be afraid to ask about the company as well. Of course, it is given that you do your own research. However, for additional info, you can ask your interviewer about their objectives and so on. If they are a good company, they should not think twice enlightening you.

3) Communication skills

If you are an expat, learning about their language should give you an edge over those applicants who don’t. Yes, though this is not a requirement. But you definitely need to learn how to speak English as if you don’t, I doubt if you can easily get a job. So, before applying for one, you might try to equip commendable communication skills first.

4) A cover letter

You should prepare a cover letter. And if you are an expat, mentioning it would help you a lot as this can also in a way prepare them in sponsoring you an Employment Pass which is a must in this country, if ever they will decide to hire you. This is also a way for you to save time as if they don’t hire foreigners, you will right away know and focus your attention to other companies.

5) The response rate

You might think that they don’t like you as you don’t hear from them a week or two after you pass your application. However, in this side of the globe, you have to wait 5 weeks at the most. If by chance you still hear from them after that time, you can start checking out other companies as it means they reject your application.

6) Other easier options

If you really need work fast, you can apply for easier jobs for the mean time and during your free times, you can start looking for a better paying one that will match your skills. That is also the best option if you can’t afford to be jobless for a long time.

7) The company’s photos

One way to quickly learn if they are hiring foreigners is to check their photos. You can easily see if there are foreigner employees. At the same time, you will also get some hints if such company is what you are looking for. Especially if you are badly in need of a job, you surely don’t want to waste some time.

8) Check out their incentives

Ask ahead about their pay as well as their incentives. Note that if you acknowledge yourself as a foreigner and they really want you, they might even pay a part of your housing expenses, especially if you have your family with you.

9) You can bring your family

Do you know that there are companies that will let you bring your family and dependents with you? That is right as they want you to focus on their company and they know that you can’t do that if your family is far from you. So, if your family is not yet with you and you want to settle in this country, you might want to consider companies that can help you bring them. There are a number of them out there, you just have to be resourceful.

find jobs kl is really hard to be jobless and in a foreign country at that. It is just great that you choose to settle here in Malaysia as they have so many opportunities to offer here. As long as you work hard and you have the skills, you will never be starved in this country. As a matter of fact, you can easily find a job that can help you get by while waiting for your big break.