Comprehensive General Liability

To indemnify the Insured against liability at law for damages consequent upon accidental bodily injury and accidental property damage arising in the course of Insured’s operations.

  • Section I – General Liability
  • Section II – Contractual Liability
  • Section III – Automobile Liability

Public Liability

Covers Insured’s legal liability to pay compensation for death or injury to third party and damage to property of third party caused by or through negligence of the Insured or its employees or by defects in its premises.

The cover includes legal costs incurred by the Insured with the prior consent of the Insurer.

Employer’s Liability

Covers the employers vicarious liability against his employees in the course of the employees employment with the employers.

Claimants costs and expenses is also covered with the Insurer’s consent.

Professional indemnity

To indemnify the Insured against any claim for damage for breach of professional duty which maybe made against the insured during the period of insurance due to any negligent, act error or omission whenever or wherever the same was or was alleged to have been committed by the insured or their predecessors in business in the conduct of the business.

Workmen’s Compensation

Covers liability at law of an employer towards his employees for death and/or bodily injury sustained or illness contracted arising out of and in the course of his employment under the contract of service or apprenticeship with the employer.