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Malaysia we are known for the palm oil we produce. The country of Malaysia is known as the second big exporters and has the high sales of sustainable palm oil. We here in Malaysia also have existed a scheme called  MSPO or also known as Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil which is a type of certification given to those who are chain suppliers also as manufacturers of the palm oil industry in Malaysia.

This scheme was purposely made and introduced by our government in claims to ensure that our palm oil conditions and quality are maintained and remain high quality for the many uses it has. The palm oil industry in Malaysia originally started with the tree being brought here by the British that was originally from Africa, but the start of the processing and industry in this started back in the7 1970s. Malaysian palm is known to be one of the cheapest vegetable oils on the market is used for many types of purposes and products that we use in the daily.

Palm oil has very big uses. One of its major uses that we can see on the market is as cooking oil. is a type of vegetable oil, and it’s used for deep frying our food and cooking our food in general. In the food processing industry, they also tend to use palm oil as a means to preserve it and many more. It can be used as biodiesel in opposed to normal fuel and gas and may even be better for the environment. Palm oil is also used in our cosmetic products such as lipsticks, blushes, and other range of medication and stuff we use on ourselves. It is also present in our cleaning products and our soaps and things for us to bathe in due to it being one of the widely used types of oil available on the market. Buy organic fertiliser in Malaysia to live a healthy life!